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Promises In Death (2009)

Promises in Death (2009)

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0399155481 (ISBN13: 9780399155482)

About book Promises In Death (2009)

#28 in the Eve Dallas / In Death series. Officer Amaryllis Coltraine is murdered with her own gun in the stairwell of her apartment house. 'Ammy' is a transfer from Atlanta and the Southern Belle has become the lover of Dallas' friend, Chief Medical Examiner Morris. The serious tone of tracking down a cop killer is tempered by the light hearted preparations for a bridal shower for friend, Louise (and the all hijinks at the shower). The murder investigation exposes possible links to Max Ricker, last seen in #11 Judgment in Death(2000). Good series entry with a satisfying conclusion.Eve Dallas series - NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas always does her best to solve every one of her cases, but her latest assignment just might be her most difficult yet. Not only was the victim, Amarylis Coltraine, a cop who was killed with her own weapon, but the case also takes on an added personal dimension since Amarylis was Chief Medical Examiner Morris' lover, and Morris is one of Eve's best friends. When the killer sends Eve a package containing Coltraine's badge, weapon, and a taunting note suggesting that she might be next on the list, Eve finds herself trying to untangle a case that may be linked to her own past. This is the first time I've read the Eve Dallas series. It was a little adjustment to orient myself with NYC *slightly* in the future, but a good read after that. She is a strong female protagonist, though not comfortable with affection or normal feminine attributes/female emotions. It feels like she is on a hero's journey in that respect, and it would be great to read her emotional growth arc throughout the series.A good cop mystery with some human interest thrown in.

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Another enjoyable read in this series. It wasn't my favorite, but it was good.

A little slow towards the middle of the book, but overall a good mystery.

Love this series with Eve and Roarke!!!

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