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Promise Of Blood (2013)

Promise of Blood (2013)

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0316219037 (ISBN13: 9780316219037)

About book Promise Of Blood (2013)

I admit that the cover art compelled me to buy this book. I struggled with the Mistborn-like magic system but, despite thinking I wouldn't, I started to get into the story. I like Taniel, I think Ka-Poel is brilliant - a mute with plenty of dialogue nicely done. All in all it was good. To bring it up a star or two, I would have liked more description about the powder magic, a twist or two and an epilogue that didn't confuse me - no spoiler here, but I think it could do with an edit. It's a good book worth reading. This book started out strong, I honest to god was all for it.But then it was one fail regarding women after another, and that was why I left mainstream fantasy in the first place.We have:*the two violent, out of control women (one a mage being hunted, one the mage hunting her). Nothing else about them, they're just angry, violent, hellbent on destroying something (and need to be killed/controlled by supervised respectively).*The two servant women who were almost raped to show how awesome and full of integrity the new bodyguard dude is*the Strong, Independent Wife of the investigator dude*the delicate flower fiancé of the MC's son, who was seduced to hurt the MC (but she had awesome badass magic so she's a Strong Female Character)*the wife who was fridged so the MC can angst and plot revenge for like over a decade*the 14 year old 'savage' with white skin and red hair who owes the MC's son her life b/c he saved hers a whole lot. And he definitely wants to sleep with her, b/c that's not creepy and gross.So the author covered them all: slut, bitch, mother, virgin with a couple of spares to almost be raped to show the awesomeness of an important man.And it never stops irritating the shit out of me that with an entire FANTASY world in front of him, the author (like five million before him) chooses one where Cis-straight White Men are in charge, women and Token Black Dude (cause there's def one of those, massive size and stiff manner of speaking and everything) are treated more like props than people, and don't even get me started on the pseudo-Native American "savage" who looks like an Irish stereotype.Really fucking sucks, because I love the magic system and the overall story seemed cool, even if I rolled my eyes at the revenge for the dead wife bit.I'm going straight back to gay fantasy now. Maybe in another ten years fantasy will finally stop treating women like garbage.

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Didn't really get into this one before my bookclub met and then had no desire to continue.

Absolutely excellent. I can't wait to get The Crimson Campaign in the mail!

Gave up after a few chapters. Leaden writing, overly RPG world-building.

Good, unexpected fantasy with well-thought out setting.

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