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Princess Of The Silver Woods (2012)

Princess of the Silver Woods (2012)

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1599906465 (ISBN13: 9781599906461)
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books

About book Princess Of The Silver Woods (2012)

I've enjoyed reading this series and I liked the new spin on some old tales. Some of the characters blurred a little, but sometimes that happens in family members, too, so I didn't dwell on it. I really appreciated the happy ending with a strong sense of finality. The only parting thought I have is a little disappointment that Petunia (no one, actually) gave the princes a spare thought. Petunia thought to herself that they WERE half human, occasionally felt pity, and even mentioned that she had known Kestilan for most of her life. Those men had been raised up in such a way, kept from the light, kept from truth and salvation. And they had every opportunity to be violent and abusive in any way they wanted, but they didn't. It made me sad the way the princesses threatened violence, and acted on it, and never gave them a chance. Petunia could have tried to talk to Kestilan, as a friend, maybe shown him the truth of the evil being committed and maybe seen if there was some way to separate himself from it, perhaps in doing so, he could have become fully human. I don't know. I just felt like an amazing opportunity was overlooked here. A villain turning from all he's ever known and embracing the light. Even if it hadn't gone that way, the fact that they were all overlooked as worthless, disposable beings simply because of what they had been born into and taught was disappointing. If you like a mixture of many different types of genres, then this book is for you. It has romance, adventure, a touch of thriller, and a lot of fantastic. The Princess of the Silver Woods is a parody of the story of the youngest of the twelve dancing princesses. I loved this book so much, that the first time I read it, I couldn’t put it down. Since then, I have read the book countless times. The book has good wording, and is fasted-paced. For instance on part of the book is, “Her horse jogged sideways as she shouted this, and Petunia sawed the reins to make it stop.... ‘Pet! Where are you going?’.... Just as she heard Lily and Heinrich shouting almost in unison for her to wait, the ground…” The Princess of the Silver Woods is by Jessica Day George and has 326 pages. George writes many books about fantasy, and fairytales, but this series (The Princesses of) is a parody. Which is one of her specials. One Amazon you can find the book for 5.99 US dollars. Its publisher was Blooomsbury. This book is about the youngest of the 12 dancing princesses. The girl meets a ferocious, popular, wealthy gang. But the princess makes many deal, some of which she did not mean to make.

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It was ok, I liked Princess of Glass and Princess of the Midnight Ball so much better though.

I thought it was a really cute ending and how more of each of the princesses were shown.

Didn't enjoy this as much as the others. It seemed more hurried.

I loved this book! So amazing!

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