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Perfect Fifths (2009)

Perfect Fifths (2009)

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I just finished reading the Jessica Darling series and was sadly left very disappointed. I read the first book in the series, Sloppy Firsts, as a teenager, and elements of the story always stuck with me. Recently, roughly 10 years later, I decided to read the whole series, starting with Sloppy Firsts again. While not as magical as I remembered it, I still enjoyed it very much and looked forward to finishing the remainder of the series. However, the only thing that kept me reading the remaining books was the fact that I had already checked them all out from the library and had them in my possession. The second book was frustrating to read and was only redeemed by the satisfying ending. In my opinion, McCafferty's "series" should have ended there. (Or, instead of two books, made into one large book containing the stories of Jessica's remaining years of high school.) It seems to me that McCafferty tried to make her very relatable teenage character into an even more relatable adult character, who was to be taken even more seriously. Unfortunately, college-aged and mid-20s Jessica is extremely unlikable and negative. I think this says a lot about McCafferty herself and how she sees the world—not qualities that make me want to read any more of her books. The only thing redeeming the series was the expectation that Jessica and Marcus would end up together again, even though most of the time I didn't think Jessica deserved him (not that he was without faults). One thing that I found especially disappointing was the message (or lack thereof) that the books seemed to be trying to make about sexuality. Sloppy Firsts was refreshing because, even though Jessica was a bit obsessed with losing her virginity, she made a mature decision about it in the end. However, her increasingly slutty behavior was a turn-off and extremely hypocritical of her character, who spent her teenage years tearing down others in her life for being "slutty" (including Marcus). McCafferty does sneak in sometime in the fourth or fifth book a description of Jessica not being fulfilled by sex without love—a concept that is more appealing—but even so, the entire last book, which takes place over just 18 hours, basically revolves around her and Marcus reuniting and then sleeping together again. McCafferty tells us over and over again that Jessica and Marcus are soul mates, that they are truly in love, but most of what we see in this final book (especially from Jessica's perspective) is that they are damn good in bed together. I'm not a prude, but I expect a little more substance from characters that have been built up so much from the beginning of a SERIES—a structure that implies a deeper plot as well. I could go on and on about how these books disappointed me, but I will leave this review with this one compliment: At least the series is an easy read! I actually really like how this series ended. While the first two books hold a special place in my heart, the latter three are a bit more grown up. The third felt "meh", but wasn't college pretty "meh" most of the time? Rife with bad decisions, confusion, not excellent choices? The fourth book is that weird in between space, where you're just thinking too much about everything - the past, the future, and obsessing over your flaws. And maybe the fifth book is just mere wish fulfillment, how you want things to be, how they should be. Moving on. Finally. And realizing what it is that you always wanted. You, yes, you.Color me impressed. I think McCafferty accomplished so much with this series - it's not just about this snarky, occasionally obsessive, cynical, smart (so smart!), and, yes, sometimes judgmental woman that many of us can relate to. And man - I wish I had been as smart and sharp as Jessica. Each book demonstrates so well each period of growing pains as we go through them. I hope my fifth installment starts soon, as cheesy as that sounds. Forever, whatever - I needed this series more than I ever knew. I just wish I had appreciated it as much as it deserved as I was growing up myself.

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Thank god I have finished this series so I can get back to living life.

A nice ending to the series. Redeemed how lousy I thought book 4 was.


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