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Pecado Eterno (2011)

Pecado Eterno (2011)

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About book Pecado Eterno (2011)

A good story/plot of a serial killer in a cult type setting. However, for a triology book, I found it a little confusing in the beginning with all new characters with the exception of 2 from the 1st book that came in much later then I would have expected. Then about 3/4 through the book a couple more came in from the 1st book. I did like the whole "church/cultish" type setting. I did find it a little weird again that suddenly everyone involved was "gifted." I'll continue with the 2rd book, but not sure if I would pursue another of Hoopers series books if they all are like this. Blood Sins is a continuation of Kay Hooper's book series about a paranormal investigative society led by an agent named Bishop. Hooper works in trilogies, and Blood Sins is the second in her Blood trilogy, but all of her books are easy enough to pick up without having to worry about reading them in any order. Yet for a book series centering on Bishop, he's lacking a lot of characterization or personality to give him any kind of precedence over the other characters.In fact, all of Hooper's characters feel very two-dimensional. Rarely does one character stand out from another, and perhaps this is due to Hooper's reliance on character-heavy plots. There's just not enough time to flesh them all out before they either wind up A) dead or B) the book ends. There's another reason, however, that the characters never spark an interest. Most of Blood Sins is dialogue, endless streams of conversation between Bishop and his crew over what's going down with the bad Reverend Samuel. I often complain about exposition dumps, but Hooper takes the cake here with monotonous chapters full of exposition delivered by the characters, who ask questions about the case and then deliver answers like intel agents. This is how the reader gets the gist of the plot, with straight-to-the-point info dumps, as though Hooper thought we wouldn't put two and two together unless she told us outright.And that, my friends, is Blood Sins, a 250-page novel where not much happens except for dialogue between characters and a painfully-corny romance between the story's two main characters. Hooper's dialogue isn't fantastic to begin with, but when the romance kicks in, there's more corny one-liners than a bar on ladies' night. At one point, the love interest Sawyer says something to the effect that it's a really bad time to fall in love, and the reader can't help but agree - Sawyer and other main character Tessa are currently involved in the most dangerous mission of their careers, and yet they can't help but get caught up in each other's eyes. Gag reflex kicks in.Now it's not all bad, as Hooper's plot is actually quite original. The paranormal side to the investigation is a good touch, one that Hooper is certainly excelling at with each book she writes. She's got the formalities and legalities down, and the realism is heightened because of it.But the part that really distresses me about Blood Sins is Hooper's reliance on a deus ex machina to end the novel. Hooper paints a picture of a formidable (perhaps the most formidable) enemy ever faced, one that could bring about Armageddon if he succeeds. But the ending is so much less than climactic, a face-off between the enemy and Bishop's crew that resolves in the good guys gaining new powers from the energy field to conquer the baddy. To be fair, this is hinted at throughout the novel, but it bothers me that Hooper chose to end the book with an easy solution.Unfortunately, part of this problem stems from Hooper's insistence on trilogies. At the end of Blood Sins, she's already scrounging around for bits and pieces for the next novel, focusing less on the conclusion of this book. This could possibly explain the weak narrative in Blood Sins; Hooper must find ways to extend a trilogy that could probably be told in one longer novel. Overall, Blood Sins just doesn't end up being an enjoyable read, a tedious journey because Hooper never lets us experience the story without her guidance.

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Actually a 3.5 - this one was more plot twisty than the others. Can't wait for the next!

Love this series cant wait til the new one comes out

The book is okay but the story is so fast

I really enjoy her books!!!

great read...very intense

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