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Pato! Coelho! (2010)

Pato! Coelho! (2010)

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Cosac Naify

About book Pato! Coelho! (2010)

i think this book is so funny!! it was read aloud to me in class by a very animated women and she made this book so much better. the fact that in every picture it looks like a bunny or a duck and they argue back and forth it is so funny! and then in the end they argue over something else that they think looks like something or something else. its such a cute book and i really like the illustration and graphic design and how the words aren't uniform and are flowing through the pages. this book made me laugh. This board book version of the wonderfully humorous picture book Duck! Rabbit? proves that what we see really is a matter of perspective. Two friends enjoying the great out of doors spot something interesting and proceed to argue over what they are seeing is a duck or a rabbit. By the time the book comes to a close, they even switch sides. The ink, watercolor, and colored pencil illustrations show how the two could have seen things from their own points of view. While this is perfect for sharing with youngsters, it's also ideal for sharing with older readers, even doctoral students intent on seeing only one thing in their data collection. This one is deservedly a modern classic.

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Adorable book that can be used to teach different perspectives, or be used in a reader's theater.

Want to start a year long debate in your classroom? Read this book. It's great.

(4.5 stars)

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