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Past Perfect (2011)

Past Perfect (2011)

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1442406828 (ISBN13: 9781442406827)
Simon Pulse

About book Past Perfect (2011)

I read this as soon as I got my hands on it and it did not disappoint! It was definitely filled with cute and fun moments. More than that there were some underlying themes that I thought were just perfectly executed. I'm not a big history person so it was extra fun to read about all the historical facts.Chelsea grew up in Essex, a reenacted Colonial village. She always works there during her summers but this summer, her best friend joins her and the boy who broke her heart is there too. As junior interpreters they have an unending feud with the Civil War living history village across the street. The War was fun to watch. Both Essex and Reenactmentland had hilarious ideas on how to mess with each other. Along the way Chelsea meets Dan who is a Civil Warrior. Technically he's a big no no but they can't help their feelings as they grow closer.When the book started off, Chelsea was a lost girl. She didn't know what she really wanted in her life. She obsessed over her ex, Ezra, thinking he was perfect for her. If it wasn't for her interactions with Dan, she would've never realized she deserved something/someone better. Slowly, she begins to see things more clearly and manages to find herself by the end. So credits definitely go to Dan. Plus, he was so sweet when he was with her! They understood each other. My only complaint about this book was that we didn't get enough of them together. I really wanted to see more of Dan with Chelsea. Really!Ezra was such a boy. Understandably, they're all teens. They're still very young but his actions and behaviour were so immature. Hugs for Fiona for being such a good friend to Chelsea. Their ice cream sessions were delightful to follow. Chelsea's parents were a little insufferable but I was laughing so hard whenever her dad's rhetorical questions popped up. He's still a good dad for making her see that some things just aren't the way you remember them to be, eg. Ezra.The historical interpreters were fabulous. I honestly didn't know such things existed. It makes me want to visit a historical reenactment village. Where can I find one? This book will get you to seriously laugh. It put a smile on my face all the way though the book. I had so much fun it made me wish I grew up in a historical reenactment village too! I enjoy this book a lot. I even try to slow down my reading pace so i can linger a little bit. Every couple pages i flipped, bring back a lot of memories that i never think about in a long time. 'Living history museum' term reminds me of those time when i wrote my 'skripsi' and my last design as architecture student. 'The history reenactor' wearing costumes, reminds me those time, fall last year exactly, when i visit Edo Wonderland, in Nikko, Japan. 'The War' between colonial reenactor, and civil war reenactor, remind me of those 'rivalan gak jelas' between one team with another. (Semacam 'musuh bebuyutan' antara anak teknik vs anak kehutanan, anak SMP X vs anak SMP Y. Di buku ini musuhannya antara history nerd vs history nerd yang tentu saja seperti rivalan kita jaman sekolah dulu, enggak akan pernah bisa dipahami oleh orang luar. Tapi Leila Sales bisa membuat pembaca memasuki dunia 'perang' dan kehidupan pekerjaan musim panas di kampung living history museum ini tanpa canggung) More than for those personal reasons, this book was a lot of fun.Keyword: History Nerd. Move On (Yes, romance. It's on the book description. )

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Literally one of my favorite books of all time, I can't believe I forgot I read it.

Is an okay book; interesting, but not gripping enough.

Fab stuff. Really fun and a nice read

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