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Passion To Die For (2009)

Passion to Die For (2009)

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1426841310 (ISBN13: 9781426841316)

About book Passion To Die For (2009)

Loved Loved this book. The storyline was very diffrent and refreashing, and I was reading as fast as I could to find out what happened next. I could not believe the mother (martha) in the story and how mean she was to her daughter (ellie) and heartless. Most romance novels don't include a mother with such a coldhearted nature, and this was very refreshing and engaging. I will be reading more from this author because I enjoyed this book so much. Ellie Chase has been running from her past for as long as she can remember. She moved to a small town, started her own restuarant, and fell in love with Tommy Maricci. But, no matter how much she has turned her life around, she can't let the past rest and move on. Which pretty much cost her her relationship with Tommy. But suddenly, Tommy notices a strange woman talking with Ellie and notices the fact that she doesn't look happy talking to the woman. When the woman suddenly turns up dead and Ellie can't remember what she did that night and some cops were ready to arrest her right then, but he believed in her innocence. When her past secrets come out, Tommy will learn why Ellie couldn't give him her love and who the mystery woman really was.

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Started out very intriguing got a little exciting but ended a little too happy for me.

pretty coo book not what i expected but it was really good.

well written and captivating. love the twist!!

This was not a bad little story

mildly suspenseful,good book

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