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Over The Edge/An Edge In My Voice (1999)

Over the Edge/An Edge in My Voice (1999)

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About book Over The Edge/An Edge In My Voice (1999)

Though it seems somewhat odd, now, Edgeworks 1 was my introduction to (arguably) America's best fantasy writer.Ellison himself would denounce that title, calling himself "an Ellison writer for Ellison fans" more than once in his long and storied career - but make no mistake: the man can write his ass off. Edgeworks 1 is a collection of two previously published sets of essays - one on a variety of subjects near and dear to HE's heart, the other a collection of columns for now-defunct publications - and from cover to cover, everything about the book pulled me in. Purchased while I was stationed in Japan in probably the middle of 1996, I took the book with me on deployment and had it in my hand during much of my free time. Since that first volume, I purchased the other three (White Wolf, why aren't you making any more?) volumes and started a search for what I could find by him. While admittedly, HE is not for everyone's taste - too acerbic for some, too much an oddball for others - but if you can stand the trip, it's a hell of an introduction.

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