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Out Of The Sun (1998)

Out of the Sun (1998)

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Hmmmm, not really sure what to say about this novel. Well, the first thing I suppose, is that I did read it, although I can't say why. I tend to stop books that I'm not enjoying, but found myself reading on just to see how it all tied up.When Harry gets a mysterious phone call saying his son is in a coma, he ends up chasing a number of conspiracies around the world, trying to get to the truth. Which is fine in itself - a great premise that had such huge potential. Instead, Harry luckily falls from one clue to another, even having a old acquaintance turning up out of the blue when he needs a wingman. I understand some of the reasons behind the actions of the scientists, but considering they are supposed to be so clever, I'm not sure they would have relied on Harry to sort out the mess. And then there is the final protagonist and their motives. WTF?!?!? I am a huge fan of SF, but even I couldn't suspend belief enough here. Higher Dimension theory - well, ok, lets go with it. But I kind of got the impression that even the author was a little confused by the maths and by the fact that he was using it all as the hinge of his plot. Weird and Odd, but not in the good way that I like.So overall, ok. Not one I would necessarily recommend, but if you genuinely had nothing else to read, give it a go.

I first met Goddards character Harry Barnett in the novel Into the Blue. He was a likable character, prone to misfortune and possessing a penchant for lifting a few "pints" at the local pub. In Out of the Sun Harry discovers he has a 33 year old son, a math genius who has fallen into a insulin overdose induced coma. When it is discovered that all of his son's mathematical notes are missing, and that several other individuals who had been working on a project with him for a company known as Globescope have also been felled by fatal "accidents", Harry embarks on a dangerous campaign to save the son he never knew he had. The plot of this novel is compelling, with lots continent hopping adventures and enough twists turns to fill a package of fusilli pasta. All of these keep the reader interested, however the mathematical "hyperdimensions" mumbo-jumbo and ultimate explanation for the murders was disappointing. (Perhaps "genius" is not what it's cracked up to be). This is not the best of Goddards offerings, but his average offering is often a lot better than other writers best.

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I got this book for my granny when it first came out. I still remember where I got it. I actually don’t think she thought it was better than ok. I read it now as it reminds me of her (she passed a few months ago). I was surprised at first as I found the beginning well written and quite captivating- all to turn to a much less sophisticated ending (which means all the plot was dull once the mystery was revealed). Also certain parts are just stupid like when Harry sleeps with his son's ex-girlfriend- later to found out with no surprise she is carrying his child. Disappointing....

Ugg, I was so disappointed in the ending of this book (view spoiler)[When Harry has his final breath in the burning house, then turn the page and wallah he is alive. (hide spoiler)]

A brilliant idea this book which I can't really tell you much about or it will spoil it. Harry Barnett finds he has a son and someone encourages him to find out more about why he is in a diabetic coma. He moves around the world and ends up discovering some fascinating modern dilemmas which sounded to be quite plausible and which his son was not only involved in but possibly masterminding. Although Barnett doesn't want his son to die and would like to get to know him, he realises the potential consequences of his research poses many moral dilemmas.

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