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Open City (2011)

Open City (2011)

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1400068096 (ISBN13: 9781400068098)
Random House

About book Open City (2011)

a brilliant novel by a young writer. setting city of new York as a pretext , this novel explores the issue of identity and its complications. exploring historical background , this novel is a amalgamation of so many things like love , solitude, education. the protagonist is fond of reading and his worldview comes from much of his reading. this aspect I like the most. in this age multicultural being , this novel is a perfect representation of it. a must read for all of us. Hard going, but then the man does walk a lot. It was hard to put down, not because the reading was enjoyable, but because it was always clear that this is new, intelligent, and very beautifully written. Knowing the signifiers and signifiants is not enough, right? There is a connection between the two which each individual makes. Julius/Cole* makes them in a way I could not follow. Kept walking to the very end though and thus reached the final pages' extremely strong image, for which I am grateful.*I understand that Cole is not Julius, have read the interview.

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Wonderful tone. Utterly uplifting. I wish I could be that open to people.

The writing was lovely, but there was no plot.

Amazing. Read ASAP.

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