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Only Time Will Tell (2011)

Only Time Will Tell (2011)

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031253955X (ISBN13: 9780312539559)
St. Martin's Press

About book Only Time Will Tell (2011)

I read this on my husband 's recommendation. He really enjoyed it and went on to read the next in the series. I liked it but not as much. I was not comfortable with the way the wedding was handled and thought the whole thing was melodramatic. I also found the way so many miscellaneous adults were working behind the scenes to make sure the young Harry achieved his destiny was unrealistic and overdone. On the other hand the book was well written, some of the characters we're very well done and I feel a spark of interest in Harry's future. Luckily for me my husband has bought all the books so I have them available as soon as I am ready. an amazing book. Jeffrey Archer has written the book so beautfifully. Its filled with suspense, romance , family bonds and moreover the friendship of two friends. Even though its inspired from the World War 2 like many other stories this one stands out due to its way of writing and expressing feelings.I just hope the next book in this series is as good as this one. hoping to read the whole series.

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don't start this book if you are going to work the next day....really don't!

It was an amazing read! a definite page turner.

Looking forward to the 2nd book in the series!

Looking forward to reading part 2

loved it to bits

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