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Once We Were Brothers (2013)

Once We Were Brothers (2013)

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1250046394 (ISBN13: 9781250046390)
St. Martin's Griffin

About book Once We Were Brothers (2013)

This book had the perfect combination of historical fiction and suspense. The book flashes between the war-time period and the present day time period full of greed and industrialization. As well, the book features a plot line that reels readers in and makes them want to keep on reading. The suspense causes reader's hearts to rapidly beat and for them to envision the fates of the main characters. The ending is twisted and unexpected by most which makes it a definite read. I think a great way to learn about history is through historical fiction. So, given this book is young adult literature and is historical fiction about the Holocaust, it is a worthwhile read. The account of what happened to Ben and his family in Poland was really well done and allowed the reader to understand the atrocity of what happened. The story felt personal and real. The Catherine story line was too fluffy for me and the investigation/court portion was poorly done.

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Loved the book. Could not put it down.

Kathy told me about this book.

Excellent Book!!!!

Like it very much

Great WWII Story

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