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Offside (2012)

Offside (2012)

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The part that is a good fit for me: that there heroine is a strong female and is really good at her sport. Not just good for a girl but really good for anyone. I like that kind of set up.What makes this not a good fit for me: The chemistry is all physical and not emotional. I don't mind heat and steam but I need more of an emotional connection. I honestly was not the biggest fan of the Hero either.Note: This book has something that is very common in books but drives me up a wall. All the "good" people are beautiful physically while all the "bad", mean bully types are physically unattractive. I really do not care for that in my books.Overall, not the best book fit for me but if you like steam and a relationship built on physical pull with the player type who settles down for the "magical" one then you might like it. Having never read this author before , I was going into reading the book with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The book was very well written, characters fully developed and the story line was true to life. I enjoyed reading about Billie and cheered her on in her quest to play hockey with the guys, and in dealing with her family. Logan is a nice average guy, who is the perfect partner for Billie. I am looking forward to reading about Bobbie and Betty and returning to their world.

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Great story cant wait to read the rest.

part of the 'play hard' box set

Free on Amazon as of 11/21/14!

3.5 stars


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