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Of Poseidon (2012)

Of Poseidon (2012)

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About book Of Poseidon (2012)

Of Poseidon is a book in the likes of The Twilight Series, but less exhilarating. Written by the author who famously wrote How to Train Your Dragon, Anna Banks really took a whole new spin on the world of paranormal romance. The book starts on the beaches of Florida and travels all the way to New Jersey. This love story conveys the ups and downs of a teen relationship. The main character, Emma McIntosh, isn't as normal as she thinks she is. She meets a hot guy while she is vacationing in Florida, who shares her rare violet-colored eyes. What she doesn't know is that he, Galen Forza, is a Syrena, or merman, and she is also part Syrena. After an accident, he follows her back to her hometown in New Jersey. Their relationship starts budding when he enrolls in her school. But as they get to know each other, she can tell he is holding something back. Their relationships have a lot of ups and downs, one being that his sister, Rayna, doesn't particularly like her. But in the end, she figures out who she really is and how she got to be Syrena. The book changes between the views of Emma and Galen, which gives the readers a sense of dramatic irony. The vocabulary isn't as hard as reading Shakespeare, but not as easy as reading a Dr.Suess book. I found that I never really had to look up any words; nothing was very challenging. I don't think it would be needed to look up any words, seeing that the book isn't very vast in vocabulary. There is no huge conflict that the main character has to overcome, so if you are looking for action, don't choose this book. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to teens wanting to start a series about the hardships of love in an environment unlike that of the human world. I wouldn't recommend this to people who have recently read Divergent, The Maze Runner, or The Hunger Games. This book is along the lines of a less exiting The Fault in Our Stars I had changing opinions and reflections of this book while reading it. The overall thought though was that it was an easy read; one which you would choose to take with you to the beach (to "pun-ish" intended) or choose to read if you wanted some light reading.It makes you happy, even though it's not funny, and make's you feel good. It's simply nice; and sometime you just want something nice, that makes you feel good and that's easy to read.For just those purposes, this book is great; and it's why I would re-recommend it (I found this book because my Kobo Arc-tablet recommended it to me...).

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It was good. Except for the fact that someone dies in the very beginning.

All I know is that I need the next book now!

it was a cute book.

actual rating: 4.5

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