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O Fio (2011)

O Fio (2011)

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About book O Fio (2011)

I picked up this book after reading and loving the Island, and I expected a similar I love historical fiction, seeing how daily life is intertwined and altered through historical events, and hearing the perspectives of people living through it. Not knowing much about the city, or this period of Greek history the book have an interesting recollection of the changes in Greece and the city over the 90 or so years it spans. And that is mainly the reason for my good review. On the other side I felt the story was a bit long winded at times (it could surely cut 50 pages and be fine) and characterization a bit crude; a very black and white view of "good and evil" and what was driving each person. To finish up; it doesn't live up to the standards the author set with "the island", and it's a bit dragged out, but I enjoyed it all the same and recommend it for people ingerested in historical fiction. Why do you always do this to me Victoria Hislop?? Why?? It's only your third book that I have read and throughout every one I have cried tears of joy and sadness. There is is so much love and so much pain and destruction of the city and the people. But love and hope have kept them alive. This book is absolutely amazing. Victoria Hislop has threaded such a beautiful story, a heart-warming story. Starts with destruction and fire but it ends with love and a bright future.

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Denne boken er behagelig, velskrevet og vanskelig å legge fra seg. Anbefalt.

Brilliant story and learned a lot even through the story.

Loved this book, going to read the Island next

Dry, dull and disappointing.

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