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O Desertor (2009)

O Desertor (2009)

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About book O Desertor (2009)

'The Defector' is the sequel of 'Moscow Rules', with the spy Grigori 're-defecting' back to Russia. Though Gabriel saved Elena and her two children from the tyrant Ivan Kharkov in the last drama, they are targeted again in 'The Defector'. It is amazing that, though Gabriel get the 'hype' in role and 'Silva' book sales, in 'The Defector', it is evident that his 'success' comes at a cost, and with the help of his organized-team, all of whom would die for Gabriel, and for whom Gabriel would die for. I especially like Silva's epilogues, where he identifies the true facts of his novels, and the fiction, always opening the reader's eyes to the atrocities of the Holocaust, for the Jews, as well as similar horrors in other countries, in this novel, during Stalin's reign of Terror in Russia. I look forward to the upcoming (#10) novel, 'The Rembrandt Affair'. My 7th Daniel Silva/Gabriel Allon novel and this is the 9th of the series. This continues with the backdrop of the previous novel, Moscow rules, where most of the characters are from the previous novel. I felt that Moscow rules was a bit of the same formula of the series, felt that this book might get dragged a bit. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that though the characters reappeared from last novel, the story and the plots were all new and fresh and they were even better than the last one. The pace is very typical Silva/Allon trademark, non-stop action, thriller, sub-plots and you just cannot put this book down till the finish.Allon Russian enemy, Ivan Kharkov, is coming back at Allon for taking away his wife and kid. He abducts Allon's wife, Chiara, and asks for his kids in return. And then Allon starts bloodbath to get his wife act. At the lat count, Allon sheds almost 20 people's blood to get his wife back, after lot of drama. But every moment spent in planning the recovery of his wife is what makes this novel special. What was surprising was that Ari Shamron, the real man behind the power of the Israeli secret service, who had been pushing Allon to take over the job of heading the service in the last few novels, lets Allon off the hook after what Allon goes through in this book. It's like Allon is allowed to retire after this book.Overall a great book. A good closure in all the open threads which started from the last and a thoroughly enjoyable book! It deserves the 5 stars I have given.

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Good conclusion to Moscow Rules. I continue to be addicted to Daniel Silva's Gabriel Allon series

Couldn't put this book down. I read it in a single day.

Great as always

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