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NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children (2009)

NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children (2009)

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About book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children (2009)

This is an excellent book that challenges a lot of the pre-conceived notions were have held regarding child development. If you are going to fight with your partner make sure to fight in front of your child is one of the many surprising pieces of wisdom. This is a fascinating read for anyone with children or interested in child development. It is written in an easy to understand and approachable style that I could really connect with. "When they get going, it's like a freight train. It's paralyzing." This from a frustrated mother in regards to her children fighting.Why do children fight, lie, rebel, get along or learn self control? In Nuture Shock these topics are expounded upon, with each chapter having a specific focus.Some of the chapter succeed admirably. The chapter titled "The Sibling Effect" is a fascinating explanation of how having a brother or sister can be make children better at playing with others but only if they learn how to play nice. That is, in particular, teaching the older not bully and boss around the younger. Seems simple, but like many things, simple is not always intuitive. The chapter linking self-control to creative play and staying in character was a joy to read. It is encapsulated in this anecdote; if you ask children to pretend they are soldiers on guard they can stand quietly still for much longer than if you just challenge them stand quietly still without the role to play. The chapter expands this idea in ways that are based on careful studies and have profound implications for early childhood education.The book is written in magazine style and some of the authors personal stories are a bit hokey. However, these personal stories are short and often just a side point to the research.Overall I give this book 4 stars because is was easy to read and had several "a ha" moments. It was real close to a 5 star but a few chapters were the tiniest bit longwinded.I'd recommend this book to an expectant parent (I am one) and also anyone in early childhood education. Most likely they will find something of value in here. I did!

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Four stars for the ideas. Reading it was a bit of a slog, but that was probably just me.

I found this fascinating and it made me want to change so many things about how I parent.

I want to read this before I start teaching preschool in the fall.

Debunking all those commonly held beliefs

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