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Nur Zu Deiner Sicherheit (2011)

Nur zu deiner Sicherheit (2011)

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About book Nur Zu Deiner Sicherheit (2011)

In a world where girls and boys are judged by their looks, what they wear, what car they drive, who they associate with, etc. Nina, who is almost 16, has more than just the usual teenage angst on her mind.Her mother is killed, her abusive Mother's boyfriend is hanging around, she has to go live with her elderly grandparents, her sister Dee is in danger too, and top of all that she is falling for the boy she never thought she would.Full of plot twists and unexpected moments of tenderness and insight, this book will be one that you will remember long after you finish reading it. I won't give away any spoilers.....This story takes place in 2150 in Chicago. I feel the author stumbled quite a bit in her description of the future while mixing in the past and history. The plot had potential but in the end did not deliver. Also the characters needed more development. The main character was a native of Chicago and yet used the word, "Holler" a bit of the author coming out in that as she is originally from Indiana. I don't recommend this book.

Do You like book Nur Zu Deiner Sicherheit (2011)?

Very interesting views and opinions, and very related to things happening nowadays.

It was a new way to look at a book. I seriously loved it to pieces!

in the words of the great soup Nazi..."NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!"

I was really disappointed with this book

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