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Norman, Speak! (2014)

Norman, Speak! (2014)

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About book Norman, Speak! (2014)

This is a really sweet book. The boy in the story finds out that instead of responding to English his dog responds to Chinese words. It leads him to want to learn Chinese. This would be a good book to introduce a child to the Chinese language, only a few words and expressions are shown. It's also a nice story about learning. The boy finds out that learning a new language is hard, but worth it when you have a person you care about that you want to talk to. My uncle is Chinese and he speaks Mandarin. I didn't think that there was a "Chinese" language but rather several different languages spoken in China, with Mandarin being the official national language. Also, as a dog owner, I just can't make the leap that a family would learn to speak a foreign language in order to give commands to their dog. The family could just learn a few choice words in the foreign language or they could retrain the dog with new commands which is not a hard thing to do. I do appreciate the message of the book that not knowing a given language does not mean that a person or a dog is not smart.

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A sweet story about a boy and his dog, and what he tries do for that dog.

A story with a nice twist. I love the message delivered by the book.

I liked wasn't what I expected!

I loved this!

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