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No Time To Die & The Deep End Of Fear (2010)

No Time to Die & The Deep End of Fear (2010)

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1416994629 (ISBN13: 9781416994626)
Simon Pulse

About book No Time To Die & The Deep End Of Fear (2010)

Dark Secrets 2 contains 2 stories:No Time To Die I personally did not enjoyed this book very much. If i had to rate it seperately i would have given it 3 stars. Overall it was fast paced, and the ending was really surprising.The Deep End Of FearLoved Loved absolutely LOVED this one! This book hooked me up from the start and i read it in one sitting. It was far more enjoyable than No Time To Die. The ending was AGAIN "WOAH" REALLY REALLY AWESOME! Though it was a little bit longer than the previous three books i never lost interest in it! I would give this book 5 STARS!!!! ***** I wrote the same for the first two books, but the same review appliesI have read a few books by Elizabeth Chandler, the Dark Secrets series being my favorite. She has a way of developing the story line to keep you guessing. I am one of those people who constantly tries to figure out how the book is going to end by the time I finished chapter 1. These books did well in the fact that I was able to be surprised. The characters were also very likeable. I finished these books in like 3 days. Must Read

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