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No Interrumpas, Kika! (2013)

No Interrumpas, Kika! (2013)

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About book No Interrumpas, Kika! (2013)

This book is called Interrupting Chicken and is written by David Ezra Stein. This book would be a great book for reading on the first day of school to teach students not to interrupt. It could also be used during the school year to remind students not to interrupt. I think that this book would be a great book to read in all the grades from pre-school to 4th grade. The plot of the story is about a little Chicken who's Papa is reading a bed time story. When Papa gets to a part in the story that Chicken doesn't like, Chicken yells out an alternate ending. Papa told Chicken to listen to the story and not to interrupt. Chicken has a hard time doing this, and continues to interrupt. A fun project to do for this book would be to do a readers theater. A student could read, while another student blurts out an alternate ending. I think this would also get the idea that interrupting is rude, and can be very annoying to the reader. I also really enjoyed the pictures. The pictures went from Chicken in bed to the story Papa was reading with Chicken's ending. The pictures were very nicely done and used a lot of color. I would love this book in my classroom! Over all I gave this book 5 stars. It is an interesting book for young readers to read. This is a kind of bedtime book. The design of this book is very cool, it showed like a book style. The colors inside this book is not very bright. Maybe it is the over night, all people need to have a sleep time. Thus, the colors are not very bright. But the chickens are very cute and vivid. The chicken papa read too many small stories for the little chicken, but the little chicken had no feeling about sleepy. And he asked his papa to read over and over again. The chicken papa was so tired to read the stories over and over again. After the chicken papa read too many stories, they decided the little chicken to read a story for his papa. The little chicken read a little story for his papa. This little story is written by the little chicken, he hopes his papa will love it. The story is about his papa read a hundred stories for the little chicken. After the little chicken read this little story, his papa has already fall in sleep. "Goodnight, papa!" the little chicken said to his papa. The end!It is so warm and sweet for young readers to learn and study.

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This story is awesome for teaching my primary students how to listen without interrupting!

Not sure this is a good storytime for a crowd, but definitely a cute one

Lexile level 300 fiction

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