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Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (2009)

Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (2009)

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About book Nice Girls Don't Live Forever (2009)

Jane’s let’s-go-see-the-world tour didn’t work out quite like expected. Gabriel is still keeping secrets, leaving Jane to believe he’s seeing someone else, so when she gets a call that her store has been broken into, she decides it’s a good time to head home. Gabriel is relieved to see her go, cementing her suspicions. Quite a bit takes place as Jane, turned into a vampire about a year ago, deals with the opening of her new store, joining an evil Chamber of Commerce—truly diabolical—Mr Wainwright’s nephew finally shows up and a woman starts sending Jane notes and pictures, showing Jane she’s being stalked and increasing Jane’s doubts about Gabriel’s feelings for her.The most obvious thing to comment on is the humor; constant throughout the story, both in the form of slapstick as well as things said. That’s one thing I love about these characters. Jane’s surrounded by a number of people who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind and every one of them has their own quirks. Friends and family are a huge part of the story and the relationships just keep getting stronger as the circle of people accepting Jane widens. And we are treated with a couple of family smack downs.Unlike the earlier books in this series, this one moved along at a fairly fast past with plenty of things of interest going on. To me, the prior books all had sections that dragged as different things were being set up. So I was really happy to see the difference with this story.Definitely an enjoyable book. 4.5 stars Spoilers ahead... I'm afraid to say that this was the first time in a long time that I was actually disappointed in the female main character when she got back together with her "boyfriend." At this point in the series, the reader has a good understanding of who Jane is. Her character has been well developed and I found myself sympathetic to her situation. On the other hand I really didn't care in the least about Gabriel. I found his excuses piss-poor and his attempts to deal with Jane were weak at best. I don't think he deserves her and I actually would have enjoyed reading about her getting over him and finding someone less pathetic (though I admit I tend to like Alpha type males and, in my eyes, Gabriel is pretty spineless)However, I do really like Molly Harper's writing, and I love the other characters she's created. She is one of the few authors that can genuinely make me laugh-out-loud. So, I am going to "come to terms" with Jane and Gabriel getting back together and keep reading the series. Hopefully the next one will be better.

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This was my favorite of the Jane Jameson series so far.

The series is very entertaining.


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