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New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion (2009)

New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion (2009)

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0316075809 (ISBN13: 9780316075800)
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About book New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion (2009)

This one wasn't much better than the first one. This one does talk about how they made the wolves, which was interesting. I love the pictures of Bellas' birthday party, when Edward leaves her, and the beach scenes. All of the pictures are beautiful! I think the pictures are better in this second book. The pictures of Edward and Bella are more romantic. The pictures seem clearer and more professional. Maybe it's just me. One thing that is better about this book, more seems to happen in the sequel and so the author had more to write about. A lot of the stuff going on in this story was interesting. The first one was pretty much just one story line, but this second one is more like two. The books are better than the movies and the movies are better than the companions. I guess that's how it with most things though. I don't know why, but just like me having a hard time reading these books, I'm having a hard time writing this post. Part of it, I'm having a hard time finding good things to say about these books. I am glad that there are four of these books, otherwise this blog post would be very short. In New Moon, fragile, human Bella Swan is deperately in love with indestructable, vampire Edward Cullen. He feels he puts her in the way of danger everytime he is with her, so he leaves her in Forks, saying it is for the best. Bella cannot cope with his departure though, and resorts to putting herself in the way of danger so she can hear his voice again. One day though, she goes too far. She tries cliff diving. While on her motorcycle with her bestfriend Jacob, she sees the cliff and the other wolves throwing themselves off the cliff and into the water below. He tells her not to, but she goes out on her motorcycle by herself and jumps off the cliff. She hits the water with such impact and force that it is hard for her to breath and she begins to choke on the water and drown. Jacob saves her in time, but Alice cant see the wolves, so she thinks Bella has committed suicide. As a result of this, Edward, still in love with Bella, goes to Italy to the Voltori to commit suicide himself, and Bella and Alice go on a wild chase trying to save him. I recommend this book to teens who like series and fictional stories.

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I love how it delved into the characters. I love the love triangle and stories.


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