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My Name Is Mary Sutter (2010)

My Name is Mary Sutter (2010)

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0670021679 (ISBN13: 9780670021673)
Viking Adult

About book My Name Is Mary Sutter (2010)

An impassioned Civil War-era novel of a brilliant young New York midwife with surgeon aspirations. Despite facing endless challenges and naysayers in her struggle to expand her knowledge of medicine, Mary defies the odds and those that oppose her, but not without countless hardships and losses along the way. A rich and detailed historic novel with often graphic and realistic depictions of childbirth and brutal battlefield amputations. Oliveira has written an unforgettable story of female resilience, early medicine, and the devastating outcomes of the Civil War. Really a 3.5 for me. The first part of the book was quite interesting and I enjoyed meeting Mary and her family. As the story progressed and she followed her dream into the Civil War the story actually lost its momentum. There was obvious research into what life was like for the soldiers and doctors and medicine but especially the historical parts with Lincoln, Hay, McLellan etc was very dry and stilted. The blood and gore became repetitive. The love interests in Mary Sutter's life weren't fully developed which is why it doesn't rate a full 4 stars from me.So, all in all, not a bad book but left me wanting a bit more.

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Historical fiction tells the story of what happens when you make passionate decisions.

I would give it five stars except the ending was vague. good book though.

ehhh. the first half was good, but second half harder to get through.

I liked the ending o fthe book.

Too much love story in it.

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