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My Experimental Life (2009)

My Experimental Life (2009)

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About book My Experimental Life (2009)

This was a quickie I grabbed off the shelf at the library while waiting for other books to come in. Had read his previous account of reading the encyclopedia (also because the book fell into my hands, not because I sought it out specifically), and figured it would be amusing. It was! Nothing super profound here, but fun to read. A variety of different experiments - I found some more interesting than others. Also appreciated his explorations into elementary psych and cognitive biases, and efforts to control his own brain better.Actually on that theme, I probably liked the second-to-last essay the most, about unitasking. Really really good points, and something I coincidentally recently established a system for in my own life, right before I read this book! I've been pleased with my ability to get professional work done more efficiently while unitasking, so it was nice to have this essay back me up.This brings me up to 4 books for the year in the first week of April. Not great! Darn that Owen Meany :) But not terrible either. I read several of the articles in this book on A.J.'s website (as some of them were originally published in Esquire). However, I really enjoyed reading them again - especially because he updated them and added little coda's that updated the reader on how that specific experience impacted his life and thinking. Also, I like his style of writing - he's very clever and funny and honest and it makes for good (and quick) reading. Some of the other chapters were new to me - and I enjoyed those as well.

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Amazing to me is how similar this book is to Guinea Pig Diaries. A marketing marvel!

I love A.J. Jacobs. It is great to learn something while being entertained.

Couldn't finish the book. Thought it to be pretty lame

Actually made me giggle, out loud, in public.

I didn't love this book of his.

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