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My Beloved World (2013)

My Beloved World (2013)

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0307594882 (ISBN13: 9780307594884)

About book My Beloved World (2013)

AAUW Adelante Book Recommendation by Angela Love, AAUW Palm Springs (CA) Branch: The first Hispanic person and the third woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor has become an instant American icon. Now, with a candor and intimacy never undertaken by a sitting justice, she recounts her life from a Bronx housing project to the federal bench, a journey that offers an inspiring testament to her own extraordinary determination and the power of believing in oneself.With only television characters for her professional role models and little understanding of what was involved, she was determined to become a lawyer, a dream that would sustain her on an unlikely course, from valedictorian of her high school class to the highest honors at Princeton, Yale Law School, the New York County District Attorney’s office, private practice, and appointment to federal district court before the age of 40. Along the way we see how she was shaped by her invaluable mentors, a failed marriage, and the modern version of extended family she has created from cherished friends and their children. Through her still-astonished eyes, America’s infinite possibilities are envisioned anew in this warm and honest book, destined to become a classic of self-invention and self-discovery. I probably would not have chosen to read this one on my own but my bookclub selected out as their book of the month. My instincts were right that this book just wasn't for me. I didn't hate it, I was just bored by it. I was more interested in how Sonia advanced in her career which was not the focus of this book. Instead the book discusses her childhood, her education, and her family. Would not recommend.

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Too much time spent on childhood memories but overall a good read

This just wasn't as interesting as I had anticipated.

Perhaps more of a 2.5 than a 2.

a warm book.

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