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Muž Jménem Ove (2014)

Muž jménem Ove (2014)

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About book Muž Jménem Ove (2014)

Best book in awhile. Liked the old curmudgeon (who incidentally is "old" but my age - 59). Good book about people who are different in a relationship and (but) love each other. Also a good book about how outsiders and their impact on people who seemed to be permanently set in their ways. Swedish. He likes Saabs, his best friend liked Volvos. Also it honors people who like things not people. Ove is a really good character. Quick read. Reading this book is like watching Wes Anderson's movie: it's funny, witty with loads of quirkiness. A Man Called Ove is one of those books that will leave you with good feeling once you finish the last pages. Also, it would be nice to see someone develop this book into a movie; I see all the elements needed in order to create a good one. I couldn't help but read it with a soothing Freeman-ish voice all the way to the end of the story. The beginning was a bit slow, but I'm glad I was persistent enough to move forward. I love, love the story of Ove and Sonja so much and I had to stop here and there so that I didn't break down in tears in public. It's really that good.I also like the way the author explains things: so full of unexpected humor. I couldn't help but sniggered my way through some parts of the book. It was witty and the characters are very likeable. Now I wish my neighborhood was as lively as theirs.This book can teach you a lot about love abd friendship, and the importance of loyalty to those who matter in your life. It's about forgiving and fighting for your own principle. It's also about the old workd meets new, and how to cope with negativity and changes when it comes to our lives. And I love how Ove's life is full of struggle and shit like the rest of us, and in the end it's all about support and opyimism from those around you that can save you from srlf destruction and flame. It portrays in a rather positive voice, but real nontheless.If you are looking for a similar book to this one, I'd totally recommend A Storied Life of A J Fikry, which also leave you with the same joy.

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I'm gonna let this one settle for a bit before I put into words how lovely and amazing it is.

Loved t. Poignant, funny, sad and a reminder of what may lie ahead.

a Light read, but one of the best books I've read this year.

Ein liebenswerter Brummbär, dieser Ove.


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