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Mrs. Pollifax On The China Station (1985)

Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (1985)

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About book Mrs. Pollifax On The China Station (1985)

Following Mrs. Pollifax through her adventures around the world takes me to China in this book #6. I like her. Dorothy Gilman has created a character that I'd like to know as a real person. There are several things that appeal to me about this series - the wide-eyed interest in people and culture that Emily Pollifax has, her optimism, her analytical mind that helps her work through difficult situations, and the experience of traveling to places I've never visited while experiencing a time when world politics was somewhat different than it is today. I really lived through those times, but I was a naive 20-something who was oblivious to much of what went on in foreign countries. So, in a way, these stories have been dipping into history lessons.As these books progressed, I have seen Mrs. Pollifax become a much more self-confident world traveler. She is not so clueless about spying activities as she was when the series began. Yet, she still gets herself into unimaginable and unbelievable situations and I can still enjoy and accept the implausible events without incredulity. However, it IS starting to feel a little darker and more risky for her physical safety. Also, in this book, she encounters more difficulty with language barriers; that is, there are not quite so many English-speaking foreigners around.

This book has beautiful descriptions of remote parts of China that left me wanting to travel somewhere off the beaten path. The travel components - both the descriptions of lanscapes and the insights into other ways of life - are a big part of the appeal of this series for me.I spent too much of the book trying to figure out who was the person from 'across the boundary' - I over-analyzed every interpersonal interaction. Also, because I misremembered something from book #13, I was expecting a plot twist that never showed up (my fault, not the author's!). The ending is a strange mix of abrupt and drawn-out.

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#6Characters: Mrs P., Mr Li (Chinese Guide), Peter Fox, Iris, Ginny, Malcolm, etc...She is in a guided tour group to China. Her job is to seek out a barber shop near the drum tower in Xi'an (where the Terracotta soldiers are located).From the barber, she is to find out where a labor camp is located. One of the members on the tour is also CIA agent (but she does not find this out until she gets the info from the barber - it is Peter Fox who is a 22 yrs old fairly new agent).Then the adventure really begins. In the meantime we find out about the other members of the tour, who are not aware of what is going on with Mrs P & Peter.Peter then fakes his own death, and gets a prisoner out of the camp and brings him to the US before the Russian's get to him.

All of the books in the Mrs. Pollifax series are good, but Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station is one of the best.Mrs. Pollifax is off to China, this time - a country which has fascinated her ever since she was young. (That strikes a chord with me, and it is the first chord of many that this book strikes.) Mrs. P is to join a tour group for Americans, seeing many of the sights of China, as cover for her meeting with an informant who can supposedly pinpoint the location of a secret labor camp deep

Dorothy Gilman has written another fine cozy mystery. Her Emma Pollifax is a delightful version of Agatha Christie's Miss Maple with a little more pizazz! She has a brown belt in Karate and is a world traveler. This time Emma is helping spirit a Chinese disendent out of a labor camp and out of China. She is part of a travel tour group that is filled with interesting, quirky characters along with her coagent (whom she has to determine) and a double agent (whom she doesn't know). Great descriptions of various parts of China they visit along with a couple of miraculous coincidences make this a great cozy mystery.

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