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More Than Forever (2014)

More Than Forever (2014)

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This is my favorite story from the series. Lucy is down right funny, the Drunk Lucy, Horny Lucy and Jealous Lucy. Cameron and Lucy were highlighted bit by bit from the first 3 books but their story really revealed everything. I cried (yes I was really surprised that I did) and laughed a lot while reading their story. And I absolutely love the book references especially Collen Hover's Slammed. Haha A measure of a good book is when you can relate to the characters and feel what they feel. This series has done that for me from the very start - given me ALL the feels. I have enjoyed each book and I feel like I know all of the characters personally, like they're my friends. I want to be part of their gang (even though each of them have suffered things that no one should have to) they are all so loving and hilariously funny. I don't think I will ever forget Vaginagate - could not stop laughing. Though told with humour, each story is also heartbreaking and Cam and Lucy's is no different. And though I have loved every book of this series so far, I think this one is my favourite. I cried, laughed and cheered for these two. Team LuCa all the way! Lucy and Cam have to be one of the cutest, sweetest couples ever. When they suffered, I suffered. When they fell in love over and over, so did I. Their's is the ultimate love story, so pure and right. And no one loves as hard as Cameron! I'll heart him forever!!And Heather and Mark (OMG!) they stole the limelight with every scene they were in - they have to be the funniest, most loveable parents ever! The dynamic between Marky Mark and Cam was just beautiful *sigh*I finished this book last night and I already miss the gang. Please Jay, when can we have some MORE? I could gush and gush over this book but I have to shut up sometime so... Dylan.

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LOVED! Best in the series. Loved! Have to read the series in order

6 stars for this amazing book - the best one from the series !

loved this !!!

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