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Moonlight Road (2010)

Moonlight Road (2010)

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About book Moonlight Road (2010)

In this Virgin River series, we find Erin Foley suffering from empty nest syndrome. She is in Virgin River to vacation and try to turn over a new leaf. She unexpectedly meets Aiden Riordan by way of a straggly stranger coming out of the woods and scaring her half to death. As she gets to know this stranger, they both fall in love with each other. Of course, there are complications, notably one crazy ex-wife. Seems to be all it takes to find your soul mate is to come to Virgin River. This is a good story. I've made it no secret that I thoroughly enjoy the Virgin River books. Something about this one particularly really touched me. Being so far into the series, there are many things that are easily predicted. I have no problem with that. The journey is always fun either way. In this book, it was one of the side stories that was a bit of a surprise for me. I don't want to spoil anything, but a side story with Jack and Mel had me at first mad, then sad. I didn't expect it, but once all was said and done I realized how invested in her characters Robyn Carr is, this was a story that truly needed to be told.Also, it was great to see Ian and Marcie again. Their story was really one of my favorites so I enjoyed having them pulled back into the fold.One last thing, Carr's attention to detail never disappoints. She really does her research before writing about medical and legal matters and I appreciate the hard work she puts into her stories.

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least favorite because of the Annalee drama. a shame since Aidan is such a love!

One of the best in the series so far!

goody goody crap

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