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Moon Called (2006)

Moon Called (2006)

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I heard all the hype about this book and thought it would be good. I was thoroughly disappointed. I skimmed through most of the book, as most of it was about too long and irrelevant/boring conversations. I'm like, get with the action already! To top it off the action was about kidnapping this poor teenager, which was sick and wrong. The heroine isn't that smart. The society is sexist and patriarchal werewolf. I mean, can't someone do werewolves without all the sexist crap? The heroine as a shifter escapes some of this, but the female weres don't.The heroine is also supposed to be a better breeder for male werewolves then their own females! Why is it that some supernatural authors seem to want to make the heroine even more sexually attractive then she already is. I mean, can't she be attractive on her own? Why does she have to be a 'special' breeder?Also it's sort of wrong how she is a better breeder for werewolves then actual female werewolves. I mean, hell, those werewolf ladies certainly do have it rough, no wonder they hate the heroine. The heroine of course, doesn't do anything for any of them. She enjoys her position on the edges of werewolf society which mean that unlike the actual female werewolves, she doesn't have to obey the pack. That means that she can date these guys then. It's like, as long as they're not ordering me around, it's ok if they order others around.The romance in this book wasn't really there either. There was sexual attraction between the heroine and two guys, but it's not really a romance novel, more UF. Maybe this series gets better, but I must say this is a very disappointing start. I just loved Mercy!! Mercy is tough and soft, strong and vulnerable, witty and moves with purpose. I love shifter books and this takes a great spin that I haven't seen before. The story line was exciting and action packed. The story grabbed my attention right from the beginning and I couldn't put the story down until I found out how it all turned out. I can't wait to read the second book and follow Mercy and the other cast of characters. I loved the world Briggs created and excited to find out where she takes me in the next book!

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Oh dear. I've fallen into ship and I can't get up.

Příběh je chytlavý a dobře se čte ......

this was a LOT better than I expected

Very easy read, but entertaining.


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