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Moo! (2013)

Moo! (2013)

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0802734103 (ISBN13: 9780802734105)
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This book is about a cow who decides to take a test ride of a car the farmer is trying to sell and soon gets into trouble. The whole book is told in one word except and even though that could have been restricting it tells the story very well. It is all in the perspective of the cow and through the different sizing and shaping of the word it allows the reader to understand the meaning behind each time the word is said. Without the illustrations it would be impossible to know what is going on in the story, so the pictures play a major role in telling the story. The bright colors keep the story light hearted and upbeat which would leave the reader with a good feeling after finishing the book. In high school I had a couple of friends in drama who went to the state finals with an "original scene" where they carried on an entire conversation using only the word "Hey!" In the scene they ran into each other at the doctor's office, hadn't seen each other in years, and were both married and pregnant. All of this conveyed by two girls with no props, using one word.It was sheer genius.Moo! is the picture book version of that. I was dying, DYING I tell you, reading this to my kids. My kids love to read it to each other, and convey the true emotion in each scene using only the word, "Moo!"DYING WITH LAUGHTER.

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Moo moo moo, moo moo moo-moo.Moo, moo moo, moo moo moo-moo; moo moooooooo!Moo.

pretty good stuff for a book that only uses the word "moo"

I absolutely love this book.

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