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Monuments Men (2009)

Monuments Men (2009)

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1599952653 (ISBN13: 9781599952659)
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About book Monuments Men (2009)

I absolutely loved this book and wish it was much longer. I studied abroad in France while in college, so I was familiar with and actually went to a lot of places in this book. I also took a few art history courses throughout my college career. This book combined those experiences, revealing some lesser known cultural effects of World War II. And instead of telling the history in a dry, text booky way, the story was told in a narrative fashion.This book is what I look for in when I read a nonfiction book. I recommend this to anyone who has an appreciation of art and/or traveling! I really enjoyed this read. It was refreshing to read about a part of WW2 that I have not heard of but at the same time, could relate slightly from my prior readings on locations and timing. It started off a bit slow for me as I was trying to get use to all the soldiers names and jumping around each chapter but once you get use to it, the book takes off. I highly recommend for someone looking to learn about an area of WW2 that they may not know much of.

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A subject that I have long found interesting, but this was a poorly written bore. Very disappointed!

it was really detailed and not mass appeal action oriented/boring...and I loved it

Excellent, will have good discussion with Bookclub next week. This is a MUST READ!

I loved the concept but it was SOOOO BORING!!!

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