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Mistletoe And Molly (2012)

Mistletoe and Molly (2012)

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About book Mistletoe And Molly (2012)

Molly Bishop and Aidan Ford don’t get angry with each other in Jennifer Snow’s contemporary Christmas romance "Mistletoe and Molly", they get even. Set in New York City, battle lines are drawn between team Molly and team Aidan, and making a score is all that is on their minds.Public relations consultant Aidan Ford leaves café server Molly Bishop a hundred dollar tip and the business card of a garage to go get herself new tires for her car. She reciprocates his generosity by arranging for Aidan to be a foster parent to a yappy Chihuahua from Pet Adoption Center whom he names Layla. Desperate for new snow tires, she checks out the garage on the business card Aidan gave her only discover he paid for her tires. To even the score, she follows Aidan to a furniture store where he buys new office furniture. When he leaves the showroom, she introduces herself to the sales associate as Aidan’s girlfriend and changes the order from a leather sofa to a suede couch. And back and forth they go one upping the other.Aidan makes a double score when he persuades his friend Mike Johnson at the prestigious public relations firm Rollins and Clarke to sweeten the company’s offer to Molly by making the available position she wants a salaried internship, plus he moves into Molly’s apartment when he is thrown out of his own for having a pet, a spontaneous twist that fits the story. The reader can’t help but cheer for them both. Snow steers the story so Aidan feels compelled to help this lone angel he has found working as a server, and Molly, seeing the steel-plated businessman of her father in Aidan, is compelled to jolt him out his shell and make him show his vulnerability. Snow directs Aidan to reveal his vulnerable side to Molly when she attends a benefit at St. Michael’s Academy for the hearing impaired. There, Molly meets Aidan’s sister Samantha whose son Josh has a hearing disorder. His relationship with Josh and Sam make Molly see another side of Aidan. A side she falls in love with and wants to explore further.How these two incompatible people find their way to shedding their protective shells and seeing how very compatible they truly are is a journey that makes for an enjoyable read. "Mistletoe and Molly" has all the elements of a satisfying romance.

Originally posted at: and needing new snow tires – along with the usual food and rent – Molly Bishop is contemplating donating a kidney for the much needed money. Overhearing her conversation with a co-worker, Aiden Ford leaves his business card, a C note and a reference to get her tires changed. Annoyed by being viewed as needing to be “fixed” Molly tries to return the money, but Aiden refuses. Deciding to interfere with his life as he’d done hers, she signs him up to temporarily home a shelter dog – a miniature Chihuahua named Layla. A fun, lighthearted “war of kindness” is what follows.Brimming with laughter, Christmas spirit and a healthy dose of spicy romance, this book is fantastic fun. Both Molly and Aiden are quite attracted to each other, but equally frustrated and irritated. I loved how Aiden and Molly are both strong minded, independent people who don’t like giving an inch. As they each try to one-up the other by “fixing” each other’s life, the chemistry between them smolders and grows, guaranteed to explode with sexy consequences. I really enjoyed how this wasn’t a “regular” romance story. While yes, they do help each other neither is initially very accepting of the other’s help. They’re not pig headed about it, but each so strongly resists the sense of being “helped” or fixed the situations they both create made me laugh and really enjoy this different way they came together and realized their true feelings for one another.With a bunch of interesting secondary characters, and strong ties between everyone, this light hearted romance really had me giggling and sighing happily. Perfect for a chilly evening or curling up and relaxing over the weekend, I’d think this would appeal to a broad range of readers.

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I think I needed more time with the characters in this book to decide just how I feel about them. I pretty much liked Aiden's character and would like to have seen more of the silly antics that went on between him and Molly, but I'm still not sure I care for Molly very much. She often came across as someone who was more concerned with herself than the feelings of others *see spoiler*. If this had been a full length book and not a short story I may have grown to like Molly better, but as it stands, she's not one of my favorite characters. The story itself was a quick, mostly fun read with a few laughs tossed in. It's not overly time consuming, so I would suggest reading it for yourself and seeing how you feel about Molly.**SMALL SPOILER**She was willing to take their relationship to the next level without telling Aiden that she was still planning to leave town. To me that seems a bit heartless.

Mistletoe and Molly is a holiday novella by Jennifer Snow. Aiden Ford has been going in to the diner every day for lunch. He has noticed the beautiful waitress but hasn’t spoken to her except to order the very same sandwich every single day. Aiden is a successful business man, a consultant that helps people fix their public image. He makes a lot of money doing this and he’s good at it. He didn’t mean to be eavesdropping when he heard the waitress he had been noticing mention that she is down to her last $47 and that she needs winter tires on her car before it snows. So he thought he was doing her a favor when he left her a very large tip and the phone number to a garage that would put tires on her car for her.Molly Bishop can’t believe the audacity of the man. She doesn’t need his help. She’ll figure something out on her own. So she chases him down attempting to return his money. This turns in to a sort of war of good will. Molly and Aiden go back and forth meddling in each other’s lives, fixing things they think need fixing. Aiden is most definitely attracted to Molly but she is resisting. He is determined to win her over. Molly has fought hard for her independence. Her wealthy and successful father has tried to keep her under his thumb. She desperately wants to make it on her own.This is a short sweet story of two fiercely independent people perhaps drawn together for just that fact. As they meddle in each other’s lives, perhaps they might both realize that some changes can result in good things. Especially when you open your heart.
—Carol [Goodreads Addict]

Reviewed by JoanneBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis was a cute novella set around Christmas although not a typical Christmas story. There was romance and love, family and friends, sadness and happiness and a lot of playfulness between Aiden and Molly. Aiden was always around since he worked near the cafe Molly worked at and ate there every day. There was an attraction between them although it wasn’t really chemistry. The two of them started playing one upmanship with each other and Aiden always seemed to get the wrong end of the stick although it always worked out in his favor in the end. Aiden’s antics were always to help Molly in some way since he really listened and paid attention to whatever Molly said even if it wasn’t directed to him. It was fun watching their interactions and watching their growing attraction which Molly kept fighting especially when Aiden was doing a good deed for her. It was interesting to see how she handled assumptions she made that ended up being way off. His interactions with his sister’s family was heartwarming. There was nice closure but a few more chapters would have been better.I had previously read Mistletoe Magic by Snow which is also a Christmas novella and a good read. I look forward to reading other books by this author.Favorite Quote: Molly couldn’t remember laughing so hard as she dodged an eight year old, throwing snowballs. He cornered her at the end of the fenced yard, and she put her arms up in defeat. “Okay, I give up.” Tears of laughter streamed down her flushed face.
—Romancing the Book

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