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Min Kamp 1 (2009)

Min kamp 1 (2009)

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Forlaget okober

About book Min Kamp 1 (2009)

Solitude, cleaning the house and relationships. No doubt periods pass that make you wonder where time has escaped to but collectively that time has felt somehow worthy. Majority of what is put forward feels generally relatable to most and I'm sure the next person along would draw out different sections for praise or critisicm as the intimate details of his life roll on by. Personally, It did it for me. I'll roll on to number 2 but maybe take a break from the depressing isolation first. The retrospective memoir parts were familiar coming of age stuff. Sometimes a bit deeper than the average, also often a little thinner and duller but I didn't mind because of the refreshing honesty. I also like Norsweedish sub-suburbia. The parts from the writer's current perspective at the time of writing left me cold, bored and pretty annoyed that I wasted my time on his pretentious wrangles with the nature of writing and the reflective wrangles with pretentiousness that... Oh no here I go disappearing up the same self-reflexive orifice this book disappeared up around page 200. Bye bye.

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Written with the raw emotion of real life. I look forward to the next volume.

Great Book. I read it in english on iBooks. Crudely honest life experiences.

davvero un inno alla noia eppure ne è valsa la pena leggerlo

The great literary event of out time

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