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Millennium Trilogy Boxed Set (2010)

Millennium Trilogy Boxed Set (2010)

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The books were interesting, but not as great as everyone made them out to be, and the writing was only so-so. There were several sexually violent scenes described in detail, which the author did not need to include, but were probably used to hook people in. Problematic from a classical conditioning perspective and because it desensitizes readers to sexual violence. Mainly I found the books to be cheap and chunky in places. I wasn't fussed about any of the hype around this series, as usually I pick what grabs my eye or is suggested by friends. Getting the trilogy for free from a book cycle on a whim, I hoovered all three up in about a fortnight (inbetween comics) and was surprised how much I enjoyed them.It's complex, but with simple strong threads to follow, as various characters come in and out with various back stories and motives, but working to plain goals. I felt as though none of the characters are particularly likeable, but that made me focus just on the tale being told. I rooted for the good guys because they wanted to stop bad things being done by bad people, not because I liked the good guys. That was refreshing. Some characterisation feels a bit thin, "x is a nasty because someone has to be" so you wonder why they take the choices they do, at the time they choose to. For the most part there are well built or suitably brief set ups behind characters so you see their reasoning. The sexual (oft commented) elements didn't bother me, but I was left with the feeling that most people in Sweden are in odd relationships, bisexual or wholly deviant. I think there were almost too many ''unusual" relationships and preferences to be believable (and in my circle of mates, I know a fair few unconventional types) which made me roll my eyes a bit at what seemed like a soap box being dragged out.Overall though I ripped through to find out what happens next, and to see what comeuppance's happened to the baddies, which is what you want to be driven by in this kind of book.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this series - can't wait for book 4.

A little hard to get into to start but totally worth it

Would give this ten stars if I could!



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