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Mi Espectacular Ahora (2014)

Mi espectacular ahora (2014)

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About book Mi Espectacular Ahora (2014)

ASDFGHJKL I HAVENT SEEN THE MOVIE YET BUT THE BOOK HAD ME ON THE EDGE. Don't read this book if your under the age of 13 and immature because you need to have a strong sense of maturity. I loved this book and when I started reading i didn't put it down. Sutter made you fall in love with him in the first chapter. I loved the story and I didn't want it to end. The ending was okay but I thought it ended to quickly it was happy then sad and I feel so bad for Aimee but it was amazing I loved this book and I would definitely read it again. Honestly it took me a very long to time to get through this book because nothing really happens. The book doesn't follow a real storyline, it's kind of just a bunch of individual events. The thing that bothered me most though, was the amount of drinking that the character, Sutter, does throughout the book. It's not even the fact that he's drinking underage that bothers me, teens do it all the time, it's inevitable (though no one should be glorifying it); it's the fact that he CONSTANTLY drinks and drives. This is an issue that is being addressed in schools everywhere, preventing teens from putting themselves and others in danger , but this book doesn't seem to acknowledge that it's a growing problem and impressionable teens definitely do not need anyone telling them it's ok to drink and drive. I think the character sets a horrible example for teens who will read this book. Every time he talked about taking shits right before driving off I just rolled my eyes. It bugged me so much because it's people like that that scare me the most.The ending frustrated me because I went through that book so slowly and was hoping the ending would be worth it but nope. It was a super boring ending with no resolution.

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A must read for any fan of realistic YA lit.

this book.. wow.

Very sad

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