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Mi Amigo Dahmer (2012)

Mi amigo Dahmer (2012)

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About book Mi Amigo Dahmer (2012)

Whew. This book was really rough for me. It is a graphic novel about Jeffery Dahmer written by one of his high school friends. It basically rebukes those who were his teachers and the other adults in Dahmer's life. There were so many warning signs and if anyone had paid any attention it could have save many lives. I chose the book because it was book talked in class and it sounded incredibly interesting. I knew about some of the things that Dahmer had done and I wanted to know a little bit more about his life. Honestly, I don't think I'd recommend this book to anyone. When I was done reading it I just felt terrible. Warnings? The book is about a man on the path to become a serial killer... that's a warning. It talks about how he was gay, he'd torture animals, underage drinking, and more. It is fascinating but very disturbing. I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole regarding my classroom. 20 years after Jeff Dahmer was killed, in the age of helicopter parenting, it is painful to read and make sense of the family dynamics that prevented him from getting the treatment he needed. I am glad that Derf wrote and rewrote this graphic novel, the first I have read since childhood. He is a skillful storyteller.My family moved to Bath Twp in 1977, just as the story Derf tells was unfolding. My school bus trundled past the Dahmer home on the way to the elementary school. I remember the rumors shared by my seemingly streetwise peers with older siblings: Satanic sacrifices of cats in the far wooded reaches of the playground ("See that wax? It melted out of the cats' ears as they were burned alive!" It was actually candle wax). Headless duck carcasses and chickens running around with their heads cut off (!) behind the farm house across the road from Dahmers. The rumors held greater significance when the serial killer story broke years later. I would even trot out the headless fowl tidbit when my husband would mercilessly add to my "where are you from" response that I shared a hometown with Dahmer. But I would have to emphasize that I was 10 years younger and did not have any older siblings who would have known the guy. I babysat for a lady who lived nearby and took piano lessons in the house from a previous owner, though. It's a small town.

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I really liked the illustrator's style and the story is compelling & well crafted.

Interesting, but fairly disturbing.


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