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Mercy Blade (2011)

Mercy Blade (2011)

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Once again, I enjoyed the read, although it is such a pity that Jane is almost always kept out of the loop of things important. I am also still skeptical about the relationship between Rick and Jane.However, since the second book, I have changed my opinion of Bruiser--do not like him much, actually, do not like him at all (at least in this book).Angie seems to be someone who would grow up to be badass, more than any of the characters so far, including Jane.Also, it feels like Jane's identity as a skinwalker is going to be blown pretty soon. This brings me to the edge, hungering for more.This is all my personal opinion. The ending that wasn't could be a working title for this one. There were too many loose ends for me. While I enjoyed watching Leo, Katie, Bruiser and even Ricky Bo mix it up with the newest threat in town, I worried about Jane. Too many things went wrong and we're not addressed. I can't decide how I feel about Evie and the trouble she has caused/ is the center of. I really hope there is a short somewhere that explains the pink/red aura stuff during the negotiations. I liked the new addition and I wonder what else he will reveal. Is he Anzu or something else "not of this world". I also hope there is an explanation about Ricky Bo and the aborted romances that were brewing throughout the story line.

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I've been racing through this series, it's so good.

I Love the Jane Yellowrock series!

I love this series


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