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Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend (2012)

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend (2012)

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125000621X (ISBN13: 9781250006219)
St. Martin's Press

About book Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend (2012)

"Death is not scary for me anymore. It is just sad. I will never see Max again. I will miss all the thousands of days in his future, when he will grow up and become a man and have a little Max of his own. I think if I could just sit somewhere, quiet and still, and watch the little boy who I love so much grow up and live his life, I would be happy. I do not need to exist for me anymore. I just want to exist for Max. I want to know the rest of Max's story."Meanwhile I'm crying. Next sentence is, "my tears are warm." I do so wish we could do half stars. This book is just thrilling enough that I finished it but not so thrilling that I wanted to read it in one day. I could set this book down for weeks at a time but get sucked in to it again the moment I picked it up again.The narrator of this book is an imaginary friend to a boy on the autism spectrum. His voice, his perspective and his story were all very interesting to read and delve in to. The world of imaginary friends was well thought out and felt very, for lack of a better word, real.

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I wish that I could give this incredible novel 6 or 7 stars! It was absolutely wonderful!

Wonderful, imaginative, and so interesting! I really enjoyed this book.

Cute story. Interesting concept.

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