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Mean Streets (2009)

Mean Streets (2009)

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About book Mean Streets (2009)

I only read the first and the last of these four novellas as per recommendation by the person who lent the book to me. I wasn't too keen on the first one because it was merely a chapter from a larger work, so I was completely lost throughout the whole thing. The last one, however, Noah's Orphans by Thomas E. Sniegoski was really really good! Good to the point where I will look up more of his stuff as soon as I'm done typing here. He writes "dog" well. :) Only read the story by Jim Butcher. I needed my Dresden fix while I patiently (okay, not so patiently) waiting for the next book. Although I read this short story a few years ago it was good to revisit Michael, the retired Knight of the Cross. I enjoy his friendship with Harry. I'll try to scrounge up a few more short stories to keep me in the Dresden world.Hello, Mr. Butcher? Where is book 15?!

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Great book. Helped introduce me 3 authors that I hadn't read before. I enjoyed all 4 stories.

Was a great introduction to the "Nightside" series, in addition to more Dresden...

Anything with Dresden and I'm in.

Only read the Dresden portion.

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