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May We Be Forgiven (2012)

May We Be Forgiven (2012)

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About book May We Be Forgiven (2012)

Another book that I wanted to love so much, but after finishing it I can only muster a "meh". It held my attention, but the absurd amount of violence details and 'edgy' satire (note to author ~ jokes about sexual abuse? Not really edgy...more like really, really desperate, regressive and beyond bad taste). The premise of the book was a pretty good one, and I can only say that anyone who is interested should read this book and decide for themselves. For me, not so much. A great writer and I read and read and read, which is always a sign that a book is compelling. Raised some interesting ideas about what a family is, the role of technologies in our lives and also life in today's USA. All good stuff. but, the cop out for me was the luxury this guy had in rebuilding his life. The cushion of money made this seem unrealistic, but it was more than that. Everything just seemed to go improbably well, once it had all fallen apart, and I think some important characters were just left to drift off. The kids all seemed surprisingly well adjusted too. I am still thinking about this book a couple of weeks later though, so it does seem to have had some depth.

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This is one of my favourite books ever. Brilliant, dark satire in a class of its own.

A little crazy but in the end, surprisingly heartwarming.

A great character-driven novel.

funny, excellent


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