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Maid-sama! Vol. 03 (2009)

Maid-sama! Vol. 03 (2009)

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This manga was interesting enough for me to read, but it didn't really draw me in. Sure it was funny and normal with everyday problems and yes i did download the anime, but i felt like something was missing, maybe it was just me that I'm used to reading other types of manga.Misaki is a young girl who is called the demon president at school for being so strict especially with boys. But little do they know after school she goes to her part-time job as a maid at a maid cafe. Pretty soon the hottest boy in school so happens upon her in this outfit and starts going there each day. Nevertheless a relationship is formed going stronger each day between them for he likes this cute side to her. They come upon a lot of difficulties with their relationship, hiding at first then fighting to not be split up.. Refer to volume 4's review on what I think about this series.Okay this time I'm gonna talk about the main protagonist Usui Takumi! Usui has this Kei-like personality (from S.A) Heck, Usui and Kei make a perfect team! Both are good at everything, both can process info easily (Kei memorizes, Usui can just comprehend stuff) and both go to EXTREME measures for the ones they like (who also happens to be the main heroine.) Oh yeah, both guys also get rejected a 100 times despite all their advances. XD Poor guys...kk, also what keeps bothering me is Usui's Ichigo-ness. Which Ichigo? THE Ichigo. From Bleach. Yes, I know you feel like strangling me cause there is no way they are alike but just LOOK at his facial expressions. (the comical ones.) They just scream out ICHIGO!! And Misaki has been giving out Rukia vibes for a LOOOOONG time now. Heck, they both have that characteristically styled black hair, both are very strong, and their uniforms are EXACT replicas of one another! Is this why I like Misaki so much? Cause she resembles my favorite character? Probably. Actually she may be different. I just love any headstrong heroine. And I can say Misaki is pretty darn close to a Rukia. But not quite. ;)btw, people just LOOK at Usui's face when he's trying to annoy Misaki and you'll see the Ichigo resemblance! otaku ravings finally over?

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Hee hee. Drunk Misaki.Wow, Usui acts more perverted in the manga than the anime.

Loving this series! Now to get my hands on more when they're out of print...

wie immer absolut spitzen klasse

Emiri - 2011


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