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Maid-sama! Vol. 01 (2009)

Maid-sama! Vol. 01 (2009)

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1427814031 (ISBN13: 9781427814036)

About book Maid-sama! Vol. 01 (2009)

1. Girl breaks metal and tears piercings out of bare skin. *feeling empowered hell yeah*2. When will people accept that a dashing ravishing hot-n-cold charming jerk-with-heart-of-gold boy...3. Is a dashing ravishing hot-n-cold charming jerk-with-heart-of-gold stalker/pervert. (yes, pervwrt because no, I do not approve of random boys lifting my skirt.)4. I just don't grasp why I hate the animes/mangas everyone else adores/worships. Sigh. 5. Nope. One volume of stalking and tom-foolery is enough and more.Okayokayokay, Usui is hot. Can't deny the idiot that. I just kind of hoped that those glasses in the vice-versa stalking chapter remained. He looked kinda cute in them. Okayokayokay he looked awfully cute in them. And yes 'cute' is a substitute for another word. Ahemahemahem.I know that he is a stalker. But you know that I'm a girl. -.-;; There's a popular, cute guy in school who's been apathetic toward unsophisticated things until he had come across with a girl who has some sort of peculiarities that instantly piqued his curiosity. Then, one day, he had happened to know her unexpected secret and installed himself to sneak up with her and even helped her to conceal her secret and refrain from humiliation and resentment. The guy, whose name was Usui Takumi, had eventually developed an intimate affection toward the girl named Ayuzawa Misaki, unfortunately that girl was a top misandry and the unrelenting Student Council President in Sieka High School.Packed with humor, likable characters and its adorable graphic designs were resplendent. One of the volumes that would give suffice satisfaction to manga readers, required no much effort to wrestle your head from engraved words. The plot was delightfully ravishing. The sweet and funny moments were bodaciously crafted.4.5 rating is almost perfect at all.

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One of my first manga books i started reading and i have to say that its one of my favorites.

its very funny read more for the humor the romance is a bit boring

I love this anime and I wanted to read the manga♥

Usui Gakui desu

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