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Magic Graves (2000)

Magic Graves (2000)

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One for the Money - Night Huntress 4.5This novella is the first short I have read which is about Cat and Bones. Although I felt this was not Frosts, best work, I still offer it 4 Stars.Cat and Bones have been asked a favour of 'babysitting' a rich heiress whose cousin is trying to pop her off as he is next in line for the money should she die before her birthday. The only reason Cat and Bones are involved as it becomes apparent that she is being targeted by the undead community also.This was a good read and worth looking at should you have already read any of the Night Huntress Series. This review is for Jeaniene Frost's short story 'One For The Money' only.I didn't really think much of this story, but there were one or two interesting elements. One of them being how Cat is dealing with being a fully fledged vampire now, as well as how Cat's mother is coping with her recent turn as well, which was done to torture Cat. So this story had really nothing to do with the major plot line of the Night Huntress series, and was kind of on its own. This story was saved from a lower rating because it involved Bones and Cat, who are so fantastic and amazingly well written it does't seem like Jeaniene Frost has to even try with them anymore, they just come naturally. It's nice to see that they are still crazy for each other, specifically after what happened in the previous novel and their temporary split, but there was nothing really delved into here. Don't get me wrong, it was an easy and fun read, but it just didn't do anything different, no new characters, no new situations, and I doubt it will be mentioned in any form again. The previous novellas that have been in the Night Huntress series have had something new and different, but this one just didn't sparkle for me. It was also quite short, which I think was one of the issues, as nothing really had an opportunity to happen. However, it did make me interested to continue with the series, given the abnormal vampire that Cat is and what this means for her, as well as her vampire husband, Bones.

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One for the Money by Jeaniene Frost: A short novella about new mission for Bones and Cat.

Honestly only read the Kate Daniels part so far. Haven't started the other series yet.

*I only read the Night Huntress novella in this book*3.5 stars

Just read the Kate Daniels stuff, but it was great as always!

Excited to read this! These are 2 of my favorite authors.

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