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MacRieve (2013)

MacRieve (2013)

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So... my expectations were a little bit high and this book has somehow disappointed me. I mean, I liked it but I thought I'd have liked it more. I really loved Chloe for her strenght and humor, but I can't say the same about MacRieve... I didn't expect him to be so obstinate and pigheaded, and sometimes cruel too. At the end of the book I can say that yes, it was worth the reading, but it wasn't the best of the Immortals after dark saga. Anyone who is a fan of the IAD series has their favorite male, or at least favorite faction, and I am no different. While I can admit to having at least one book boyfriend in each faction, I’ve alway loved the Lykae. I mean what’s not to love about uber alpha males who love to play and tease? Bowen has typically been my absolute fav but I’ve been waiting a long time for one of the twins aka Hot and Hotter, to get their own books and Ms. Cole doesn’t disappoint and I may have to change who my favorite Lykae is.Uilleam/Will/MacRieve, on the outside, appears to be like any other Lykae: Proud, strong, dominant and sexy as hell, but on the inside he is all twisted up with guilt and anger over what had happened to him and his family when he was youth. Chloe is human who has her entire future planned out until a wrench is thrown in it that she could never have imagined. I loved both Will and Chloe and if I had a chance would love to be friends with them because even at their lowest points, which there were many, they found the strength to move on. I also loved that Chloe didn’t back down from a challenge, she had her moments of doubt, but she worked it out. Will’s backstory broke my heart, but I still wanted to Gibbs smack him as he stumbled along with Chloe.As I said, Ms. Cole does not disappoint. She gives us a great heart wrenching story, on both sides of the coin, while adding in her own special brand of humor and as always keeping us in touch with the characters we’ve come to know and love, while doing a wonderful job at bringing in new ones for us to enjoy.Favorite line: MacRieve about Nix from Chapter 2: ‘She turned to face him, giving him the full view of her crazy.’

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