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Loving Adam (2000)

Loving Adam (2000)

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About book Loving Adam (2000)

Genova offers a unique perspective of a writer AND neuroscientist. This is a work of fiction and all her books deal with the emotions involved with families who struggle with a neurological disorder of some kind, and Love Anthony is no different. Her characters seem very real and the depths of the emotions felt is soul piercing at times. The weaving together of the characters in this novel is intricate yet parallel. The lives of two women, both mothers and married (separated, divorced) yields a story of heartbreak, love, grief, distrust, friendship and finally healing. Highly recommended! I have enjoyed Lisa Genova's last two books and was very much looking forward to reading this one. I enjoyed it, but it seemed very different than the previous ones. I kept waiting for the two women to meet and the wait seemed too long! Not really a fan of the back and forth telling of their lives. I found it a wee bit hard to track who I was reading about for the first while. Is this the one with the autistic son or is this the one with marital problems? Oh wait, they were both having problems! At any rate, Genova provided an interesting way for the reader to 'see' what it was like from the autistic child's viewpoint and this was well written. An interesting book but without the same depth as the previous two.

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I loved this book. The pain is understandable, the healing is too. I truly enjoyed it!

Don't read the last chapter in a public place, like an airport! Loved this book!!!

Not nearly as good as the author's other two books. Seemed gimmicky and cliched.

Fantastic! I couldn't put it down, hence it only took me two days to read! :)

Not as good as the other books of Genova.

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