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Lover At Last (2013)

Lover at Last (2013)

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0451239350 (ISBN13: 9780451239358)
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3,5 estrellas.Es la primera historia con sexo M/M que leo (con trama gay no, pero hasta ahora lo que había caído en mis manos había sido muy casto), y me ha gustado, más de lo que pensaba. Por fin esos 2 junticos y bien junticos,oh yeah!Sí que he echado en falta más Blay, está demasiado centrado en QhuinnLa puntuación van más porque la trama, en mi opinión, está un poco estancada. Pasan cosas, pero de libros anteriores venía ya el ruido.Los nuevos personajes espero que sean necesarios y que la Ward esté preparando algo grande, lo considero totalmente un libro de transición.Pero oye, que bonito es el amorrrrrrrrr ^^Lo peor es que no tengo el #12 y no me lanzo a cazarlo en inglés... At last I have reached this book! Did it fulfill my expectations? Not quite, but I guess that was impossible anyway. This is the first BDB book where I actually skimmed through the side stories to get to the main event. I give 5 stars for Q/B (just because it's them:-), but only 2 for the rest…yawn.I vaguely remember Assail and his squeeze Sola…hm. It seems like Assail is a bit of a Rhevenge copy. I’m not sure I want that, since Rhev is one of my favorite characters. Iam and Trez were slightly more interesting, also a bit different form the usual BDB stuff. Trez dilemma will probably not be too boring to read about. Ahh, but Qhuinn and Blay, yeah, I wish there would have been so much more of them…Sometimes "Too little, too late" crossed my mind, but still. What was written about them I devoured. I missed a bit the animal-wanting from other books, the “MINE” marking, and jealousy that I have really enjoyed. Both of them mostly seemed to suffer, but accept how the situation was. But suffering is always good since it makes the coming together much better! I really liked the first couple of sex scenes, they were quite hot! Not as detailed as I would have wished, but still worthy☺. I would have liked a bit more scenes after the were properly together, with no misunderstandings between them. Qhuinn again grew in my eyes, he definitely got more space and more interesting stuff than poor Blay! But I guess that is the standard dynamic in this series, so maybe not too surprising. And there was a lot of Layla/Qhuinn taking away moments from Qhuinn/Blay. Sigh. I can’t wait for Layla and Xcor’s (?) book, so that she will be happily married off to someone else. I really hope the guys get a prominent part in one of the earlier books, and that this was not all I get! Preferably without them as babysitters, but rather working on their (ahem, physical) relationship.

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great story and definitely took the storyline on. Love the series and this was another good story.

Te has mojado muy poco con ellos, Ward ¬¬


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