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Love Unscripted (2010)

Love Unscripted (2010)

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About book Love Unscripted (2010)

DNF for me.I wont rate it because I dont think im 20% in yet. It started out great. Young actor rising to stardom, learning to deal with all the crazy fans and paps. ordinary young woman who owns a bar. I get the whole thing where one is insecure about oneself, but this is more than that. Taryn started out not obsessing over this guy, so why is the first thought in her head about the fact that he's an actor and has all the world's beauties at his feet? I am not in the mood for insecure heroines. At least not when those insecurities are unfounded. I could understand after you're thrust into his world and you start seeing all the crazies for yourself, then you feel insecure.Another thing that got to me...Mark the crazy customer. As a bar owner, one who's been working at the bar from her teen years, you would think Taryn has learnt little tricks to get rid of insistent customers. Hell, call the bouncer! And what about the fact that she wont take payment for Ryan's drinks?I know I haven't said anything about Ryan but that's because I really don't know him but he kinda seem...(Don't remember the disorder) but the person is always in the extreme moods. So torn with this one. I loved the idea behind it and I enjoyed the characters but dear god this book is long. It could have easily been split into three books. Since it was so long it felt that we were reading little episodes, with one problem being solved, then comes another. Towards the end I felt like Reber was just trying to create drama with all these stupid trust issues between the characters. Rather than engaging me, my response was more like 'here we go again' and it made me start to really dislike the characters. I mean there's only so many times I can read essentially the same conversation being rephrased. I think the story had a lot of potential, just badly needed an editor to scratch through pages and pages of useless dialogue and description. Other than that I quite enjoyed it, I've heard there's a sequel but I'm not sure I have the patience to read it.

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A good book after a long time.. Loved every bit of it. Every part made me smile. :)

Libro troppo lungo e troppo noioso. Sconsigliatissimo.

I get the mixed reviews but I enjoyed the storyline.

read it 3 times so romantic


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